Co2fèè traces its origins back to a modest Italian supermarket, where the fragrance of espresso coffee sparked a dream.

Among the warm ambiance of Italy, the notion of Sodastream canisters to regulate CO2 pressure began to take shape, transforming mere concept into tangible reality.


Fall 2024

Through the collaborative efforts of two Italo-Chinese siblings and an Italian industrial designer, co2ffè comes into existence. Introducing a journey imbued with exploration and innovation, driven by an ardent desire to bestow upon the world enriching coffee experience.

This audacious vision propels us to traverse a tangible realm, humbly acknowledging the boundless horizons awaiting to discover.


Fusion of Interests


Taste and Experience

With co2ffè, we seek to expand the very essence of espresso. Introducing a refinement Italian espresso named: riespresso— delicate, sophisticated, enriched by the CO2.

Invisible gas particles propels a subtle yet impassioned dance, accentuating nuances that elevate the espresso experience. We are proud by the symphony of co2ffè, its melody—a simple yet memorable note— A sound that vigor into our creation.

It is a simple note yet profoundly different. A mechanical vibration turned into singularity

Through tireless pursuit and exploration in the technical realm, we have tuned a comprehension of the diversity pressure systems and their mechanisms.

co2ffè aim to highlights the benefits and qualitative advantages inherent in our system, maintaining steadfast fidelity to precise pressure and temperature thresholds, thereby ensuring a high-quality Italian espresso.

This approach imbues our efforts with a refined, high-caliber resonance. Espresso CO2, designed precisely for chemical reaction.


Aesthetic and Precision

Our mission is to preserve the authentic essence of Italian espresso, while having a touch of innovation. Co2ffè is committed to expand coffee paradigm, offering an meaningful coffee journey through our Italian Riespresso.

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